THR Arquitectura Studio

We offer comprehensive architecture, urban planning and interior design services meeting the more changing demands of the customer taking the physical, historical and cultural aspects of the site into account. Basing our work on these variables, we intend to propose frameworks that would suit the demands of our clients and enrich their private lives as well as social relationships.

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Our services

Urban projects

Public area development, residential complexes or medium-scale public works in the city.

Public buildings

Representative buildings of collective use in the urban context.

Detached houses

Private construction projects customized for the client.

Interior design

Space design, material and texture selection, lighting control.


Twin houses

Our assignment consisted in projecting two houses on two adjacent parcels for two twin brothers and their families. We suggested two similar but not identical houses varying in the lifestyle of their owners and the differences in their location...

Zwickau: (Re)Discovering the Center

In approaching the project we start from the belief that the city is an ensemble formed from the accumulation of different fragments. Each of these different structures comes from different historical and social...

Detached house in Castelldefels

Ideas competition for 4 residential buildings on Glòries Square, Barcelona. Finalist

Our proposal consists in applying a series of organizational norms which could become the basis for subsequent project realization of the plot. Such approach is determined by the following: primarily, the project could...