THR Arquitectura Studio

We offer comprehensive architecture, urban planning and interior design services meeting the more changing demands of the customer taking the physical, historical and cultural aspects of the site into account. Basing our work on these variables, we intend to propose frameworks that would suit the demands of our clients and enrich their private lives as well as social relationships.

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Our services

Urban projects

Public area development, residential complexes or medium-scale public works in the city.

Public buildings

Representative buildings of collective use in the urban context.

Detached houses

Private construction projects customized for the client.

Interior design

Space design, material and texture selection, lighting control.


Twin house 2

The house is situated on an elevated plot with views of the sea, hills and estates. This project makes the most of these qualities of location. Each room of the house has a space with the best views, facing towards the sun. The division of the block...

Detached house in La Pineda, Castelldefels

The concrete structure with panoramic windows, transparency, openness and frankness in the use of materials and structures, were the first prerogatives of this house. And already when first getting to know the context...

House with courtyard?

The traditional courtyard (patio) is the heart of this project. The courtyard is formed by three blocks and granite rock. The rain and wind-beaten granite rock becomes part of the house and the fourth façade of the...

Twin house 1

Our task was to design two houses on two adjacent parcels for two twin brothers and their families. The goal was to design two similar but not identical houses. Differing functionally and due to the peculiarities of the...